The 1st ISMISS Asia-Japan combined with the 10th memorial MISS Summit Forum



2017/03/17(FRI)~ 2017/03/18(SAT)


8:00 Registration open
8:50 Opening Ceremony

11:00 Live Surgery (We are planning SELD)
12:00 Luncheon Seminar
14:00 Live Surgery (Interlaminar decompression for migrated herniation
     with lateral recess by Dr. Akira Dezawa)

18:30 Welcome Party


8:00 Lecture

11:00 Live Surgery (We are planning 10mm MED)

17:00 Closing Ceremony

Program (PDF)


---Lecture by honorable president of ISMISS---
Endoscopic lumbar spine surgery: 3 decades of experience and evolution

Hansjoerg Leu

---Lecture by honorable president of ISMISS Japan---
Tips and Pearls of Percutaneous endoscopic foraminoplasty using new endoscope and high speed drill - based on surgical skill qualification system -

---LIVE Surgery by Akira Dezawa---
Interlaminar decompression for migrated herniation with lateral recess

Akira Dezawa

Less invasive spine surgery- It's history and perspective

Hiroaki Nakamura

Percutaneous Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy - anterior, posterior and transcorporeal -

Ito Fujio

Problems in PELD/Interlaminar endoscopic Lumbar discectomy

Arvind Bhave

Neurovascular anatomy of the spine and clinical significance of the extraforaminal ligaments

Ayhan Comert

Advances in Microendoscopic Decompression: Projections for the Future of MIS Spine surgery and Alternatives to Fusion.

Anthony Yeung

A Comprehensive Treatment of VCFs and New Development

Bambang Darwono

Advanced surgical technique of unilateral biportal endoscopic (UBE) approach for lumbar degenerative disease.

Choon Keun Park

Clinical application of PSLD (Percutaneous Stenoscopic Lumbar Decompression) in degenerative lumbar spine diseases

Chun-Kun Park, MD, PhD

Relapsed discal hernias

Daniel Gastambide

Transforaminal Endoscopic Lumbar Annuloplasty

Daniel H. Kim

Observation on Short-term Clinical Outcome of Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy Using a Variation Version of Yeung Technique in Lumbar Disc Herniation

Gang RUI

Scope in Scope Technique of spinal endoscopic surgery.

Gun Choi

Intradiscal Therapy using Chondroitinase ABC -Basic and Clinical-

Hisashi Iwata

Microsurgical approach to the ventral spinal cord lesions

Izumi Koyanagi

Anterior minimally invasive deformity correction

Jae-Sung ahn

Percutaneous endoscopic precise decompression on lumbar spinal stenosis: indications & tips

Jiancheng ZENG

Spinal Cord Regenerative Medicine

Jian-Hong Zhu

Radiological comparison between PECD vs transcorporial cervical foraminotomy

Jun Ho Lee

The radiographic and clinical outcomes of mini-TLIF through the intermuscular plane approach

Jwo-Luen Pao

Percutaneous Stenoscopic Lumbar Decompression in Spinal Stenosis

Kang Taek Lim

Video presentation : Anterior cervical decompression techniques for OPLL

Katsuji Shimizu ,M.D., D.M.Sc.

Surgical approaches for spinal osteoid osteoma: report of two cases.

Kazunari Hushimi

Less invasive surgery for cervical ventral lesion

Kazutoshi Hida

Minimum invasive anterior decompression for myelopathy caused by ossification of posterior longitudinal ligamnet in the thoracic spine

Kei Miyamoto, M.D., Ph.D.

---Luncheon Seminar---
Percutanes endoscopic transforaminal surgery under the local anestheia:
state of the art technique for discectomy, foraminoplasty and ventral facetectomy.

Kouichi Sairyou

cervical artificial disc replacement

Kyoung-Suok Cho

Surgical strategy for spinal dural AVF: minimal invasiveness v.s. maximal effectiveness

Masakazu Takayasu

Indirect decompression for synovial cyst in the lumbar spine

Masatsune Yamagata

Femoroacetabular impingement developping early postoperative period of microendoscopic decompression surgery.

Mikihito Ito

5 Years Follow up of Clinical Experience from Patients with Failed Back Syndrome Treated by Epiduroscopy

Murat Erguven

Development of Guiding System (named ASAMI) for safe C1-2 facet fusion

Naoki Asami

A long term results with vertebral augmentation using expandable device in both midline or minimal approach for OVCF

Po-Quang Chen

The application of lateral recess partition method in spinal endoscopic transforaminal approach to treat the lumbar lateral recess stenosis

Qingquan KONG

Less invasive spine surgery- It's history and perspective

Si Young Park

Percutaneous 360º lumbar fusion with an expandable interbody cage using the endoscopic posterolateral transforaminal approach

Rudolf Morgenstern

Satisfactory results of elderlt bursting fractures management using percutaneous SpineJack augmentation

Ruey Mo Lin

---Luncheon Seminar---
A Transcorporeal Decompression without Fusion for Cervical Ossification of Posterior Longitudinal Ligament Spondylosis


what is our target in lumbar canal stenosis? Anatomy and physiology!!

Satishchandra Gore

Tips and prevent complication of percutaneous endoscopic spinal surgery

Shao-Keh Hsu

Comparison the results of percutaneous endoscopic lumbar decompression versus MISS +dynamic stabilization device in lumbar disc disorder and stenosis

Shing-Sheng Wu

Recent systematic review of MISS

Shin-ichi Konno, M.D., Ph.D.

Histology of Cervical Disc Herniation

Shoichi Kokubun ,M.D., Ph.D.

Is there an advantage of endoscopic spine surgery?


PECD-TV(Percutaneous Endoscopic Cervical Decompression by trans vertebral) and PECC(Percutaneous Endoscopic Cervical Corpectomy) : New approach of PECD for Cervical Myelopathy

Sumito Shimizu

Clinical results more than five years of the yellow ligament floating method for lumbar spinal canal stenosis

Takashi Yamazaki

To day where we are in MISS

Tarik Yazar

1. Intervertebral Foraminal Anatomy for Percutaneous Lumbar Discectomy
2. Biologics in Spine Surgery

Muhammad Tariq Sohail


Tolgay Satana

Surgical techniques and pitfalls in MISS anterior procedures for adult spinal deformities.

Tomoaki Toyone

The challenges in microsurgery of large intramedullary ependymomas

Vo Van Nho

Application of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in the lumbar spine infectious diseases

Yansong WANG

Key Points of Safer Lateral Interbody Fusion

Yudo Hachiya ,M.D. Ph.D.

Latest techniques and technologies in endoscope assisted tubular spine surgery Endoscope assisted PLIF

Yuichi Takano