The 1st ISMISS Asia-Japan combined with the 10th memorial MISS Summit Forum


Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Guidelines

If you would like to make a presentation at the conference, please submit your abstract by February 8, 2017.
To proceed with publications, all abstracts must be written in English.

Presentation Document
1. Abstract title and Abstract (no more than 400 words)
2. First and last name with title (Dr. Prof. Ms. Mr., etc.)
3. Name of department and institution
4. Mailing address and email address
5. Telephone number and fax number

Delegates are more than welcome to submit abstracts.

We hope that many researchers will submit and participate. Kindly note that the acceptance of the abstracts, presentation time, and categories are decided at the discretion of the secretariat.

Application form

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Inquiries about registration

Secretariat: Aichi Institute
41 Gohigashi, Takao, Fuso-cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi, 480-0102,Japan
email :