The 1st ISMISS Asia-Japan combined with the 10th memorial MISS Summit Forum


Welcome Message

ごあいさつ I am extremely honored and privileged to serve as the Chairperson of the First ISMISS Asia-Japan.
The International Society for Minimally Intervention in Spinal Surgery is a research society originally founded in 1989 by Professor Parviz Kambin (Philadelphia), Professor Adam Schreiber (Zurich), and Professor Sadahisa Hijikata (Tokyo). Subsequently, Professor Mario Brock (Berlin), Professor Hansjoerg Leu(Zurich), and Professor Jan Sheppard (Hastings) came to hold a conventionbiennially in Philadelphia and annually in Zurich.

The 34th convention was held in Chongqing in 2016. With its sphere of activities extending across the world, we now have the Asian Branch, of which I have been appointed as its Branch Director, following my predecessors, Professor Sadaaki Nakai and Professor Muneto Yoshida. Additionally, the 1st ISMISS Japan was hosted by Professor Akira Dezawa in Sapporo in 2013.

I am very pleased that we will be able to hold the 1st ISMISS Asia-Japan as a joint conference with the MISS Summit Forum following its successful 9th Forum. I also hope this will contribute to the further development of minimally invasive spinal surgery in Asia and Japan.

Very truly yours,
________ Nakamura Hiroaki ________

Having held the MISS Summit Forum at Aichi Spine Institute nine times, we are pleased to announce the holding of the milestone 10th Forum in 2017. It is our great honor to be able to hold this international forum this time jointly with the ISMISS Asia-Japan, a society of great international authority, under the leadership of Dr. Hiroaki Nakamura.

The recent trend of fusion, including vertebroplasty, MIS-TLIF, and MLIF, as well as the trend of endoscopy, percutaneous endoscopy, and epiduroscopy, is for less and less invasion. During the two-day event, we would like the presenters to take their time using many videos and illustrations so that the techniques can be easily and visually understood for universalization. We would prefer presentations with not so many words but generous use of videos of surgical techniques to aid some of the Japanese participants who may otherwise have trouble understanding English. Although your presentation may be given in Japanese, we request that the slides/videos be in English. With customary live surgery, a luncheon seminar, a presidential lecture, lectures in which the participants will earn credits for continued qualification as a specialist of The Japanese Orthopedic Association, we believe that the Forum will give the attendants opportunities to gain glimpses of the international forefront of minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Fujio Ito, MD.
Managing Director of Aichi Spine Hospital
Visiting Professor at Fujita Health University
President of the MISS Summit Forum