The 1st ISMISS Asia-Japan combined with the 10th memorial MISS Summit Forum



Honorable President

Hansjoerg Leu
Hansjoerg Leu
President of ISMISS
Hirslanden Private Hospital GroupCSwitzerland
President of ISMISS-Japan


ISMISS Asia branch‰ï’·
á@Vice president@â
‚ ‚¢‚¿ ‚¹‚Ú‚Ë•a‰@—Ž–’·
MISS Summit Forum ‰ï’·

Executive Director

Vo Van Nho
Gun Choi
Pohang Wooridul Hospital, Korea
‚ ‚¢‚¿ ‚¹‚Ú‚Ë•a‰@
‚ ‚¢‚¿ ‚¹‚Ú‚Ë•a‰@

Board Members (ABC in order)

Arvind Bhave
Arvind Bhave@: India
Bhave Hospital, India
Ayhan Comert
Ayhan Comert@: Turkey
Ankara University Faculty of Medicine
Department of Anatomy, Turkey
Anthony Yeung
Anthony Yeung@: USA
Arizona Institute for Minimally Invasive Spine Care 2001 – Present Phoenix, Arizona
Bambang Darwono
Bambang Darwono, MD@: Indonesia
Head of Orthopaedic Section of Pluit Hospital , Jl. Raya Pluit Selatan, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
Choon Keun Park
Choon Keun Park@: Korea
The Leon Wiltse Memorial Hospital, Korea
Chun-Kun Park, MD, PhD
Chun-Kun Park, MD, PhD@: Korea
Catholic University of Korea
Daniel Gastambide
Daniel Gastambide, MD @: France
Chirurgie Orthopedique et Sportive
Chirurgie de la Colonne vertebrale, France
Daniel H. Kim
Daniel H. Kim@: USA
Director of Spinal Neurosurgery and Reconstructive Peripheral Nerve Surgery Memorial Hermann Health SystemDepartment of Neurosurgery University of Texas, USA
Šâ“c‹v@: Japan
¬–öò@: Japan
Jae-Sung Ahn
Jae-Sung Ahn@: Korea
ChungNam National University Hospital School of Medicine, Korea
Jian-Hong Zhu
Jiancheng ZENG@: China
West China Hospital, Sichuan UniversityCChina
Jian-Hong Zhu
Jian-Hong Zhu@: China
Fudan Univ. Huashan Hospital, China
Jun-Ho Lee
Jun-Ho Lee@: Korea
Wooridul Spine Hospital, Korea
Jwo-Luen Pao
Jwo-Luen Pao@: Taiwan
Far-Eastern Memorial Hospital, New Taipei, Taiwan
Kang Taek Lim
Kang Taek Lim@: Korea
Wooridul Hospital. Seoul, Korea
´…ŽŽž@: Japan
•šŒ©ˆê¬@: Japan
”ò‘ˈꗘ@: Japan
‹{–{Œh@: Japan
¼—Ǎ_ˆê@: Japan
‚ˆÀ³˜a@: Japan
ŽRãp³—f@: Japan
ˆÉ“¡Š²l@: Japan
‹g“c@l@: Japan
Murat Erguven
Murat Erguven@: Turkey
StateHospital Orthopaedi Department SpineSection,Japan
óŒ©®‹K@: Japan
Po-Quang Chen
Po-Quang Chen@: Taiwan
Asial Pacific Orthopaedic Association, Taiwan
Qingquan KONG
Qingquan KONG@: China
West China Hospital, Sichuan UniversityCChina
Rudolf Morgenstern
Rudolf Morgenstern@: Spain
Technische Universitat Dresden, German
Rudolf Morgenstern
Ruey Mo Lin@: Taiwan
Professor of National Cheng Kung University
Sang-Ho Lee
Sang-Ho Lee, MD@: Korea
Wooridul Spine Hospital,korea
Vo Van Nho
Satishchandra Gore@: India
Prime Surgical Centers, India
Shao-Keh Hsu
Shao-Keh Hsu@: Taiwan
Tungsf Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital, Taiwan
Shing-Sheng Wu
Shing-Sheng Wu@: Taiwan
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery@Min-Sheng General Hospital, Taiwan
®–ìœÄˆê@: Japan
‘•ª³ˆê@: Japan
Stefan-Hellinger@: Germany
Orthopaedic surgeon in privat practice and as consultant in Isar Klinik, germany
´…ƒl@: Japan
ŽRè—²Žu@: Japan
•‘ –ìÔ\Žš•a‰@
Tarik Yazar
Tarik Yazar@: Turkey
University of Ankara,Faculty of Medicine Orthopaedic and Traumatology, Turkey
Tariq Sohail
Tariq Sohail@: Pakistan
Fellow Pakistan Academy of Medical Sciences, Pakistan
Tolgay Satana
Tolgay Satana@: Turkey
Avrupa Safak Hospital Istanbul and International Hospital, Turkey
–Lª’m–¾@: Japan
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Showa University School of Medicine,Japan
Vo Van Nho
Vo Van Nho@: Vietnam
Neurosurgical Society of Vietnam, Vietnam
Yansong WANG
Yansong WANG@: China
The First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical UniversityCchina
ŽO‰Y‹±Žu@: Japan
–I’J—T“¹@: Japan
‚–ì—Tˆê@: Japan